• EGOS : Graphes plongés dans des surfaces et leurs structures orientées associées (2012-2015)
Coordinator : Benjamin Lévêque (LIRMM)
LaBRI coordinator: Nicolas Bonichon
Partners: LIRMM - LIX- LaBRI
  • Projet ANR jeunes chercheurs DORSO (2011-2015)
Responsable : Frédéric Mazoit (LaBRI)
  • Projet CNRS (PEPS) GraphPar : Partition de graphes (2014-2016)
Responsable : Olivier Baudon (LaBRI)
  • Projet EcoSud France/Argentine : Méthodes polyédrales pour les problèmes de couverture d'ensembles (2013-2015)
Responsable LaBRI : Arnaud Pêcher (LaBRI)
Partenaires: LiMOS (coord: Annegret Wagler), Université de Rosario (coord: Gabriela Argiroffo)
Coordinator : Paul Dorbec (LaBRI)


  • Projet PHC Proteus 28835WE: Graph Domination. (2013-2014)
Responsable LaBRI : Paul Dorbec (LaBRI)
Responsable Slovènie : Boštjan Brešar (Univerza v Mariboru, Maribor, Slovenia)
  • ANR project France-Taiwan GraTel : Graphs and Telecommunications (2010-2013)
Coordinator : André Raspaud (LaBRI)
French partners: Institut Fourier, Université Joseph Fourier de Grenoble (coord. Sylvain Gravier), projet INRIA Mascotte (coord. Frédéric Havet)
  • Projet CNRS (PEPS) Misère : Graphes pour les jeux combinatoires en version misère (2012-2013)
Responsable : Paul Dorbec (LaBRI)
  • Project CNRS/NSC: New trends in graph colorings (2006-2007 and 2008-2009).
LaBRI Coordinator: André Raspaud.
NSYSU Coordinator: Xuding Zhu (National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
Description: Bilateral project.
  • ANR project IDEA : Identifying coDes in Evolving grAphs (2009-2011)
Coordinator: Ralf Klasing (LaBRI)
Other partners: Institut Fourier, Université Joseph Fourier de Grenoble (coord. Sylvain Gravier)
Description: the aim of this project is to study structural and algorithmic properties of identifying codes.
Coordinator (France): Cyril Gavoille
Other partners: X.
Description: X.
  • ANR project ALADDIN : Algorithm Design and Analysis for Implicitly and Incompletely Defined Interaction Networks (2007-2011)
Coordinator: Pierre Fraignaud (LIAFA)
LaBRI coordinator: Cyril Gavoille
Other partners: LIAFA (université Paris Diderot), EPI CEPAGE (INRIA Bordeaux), EPI GANG (INRIA Rocquencourt)
Description: this project aims at studying fundamental aspects of large interaction networks enabling massive distributed storage, efficient decentralized information retrieval, quick inter-user exchanges, and/or rapid information dissemination.
  • ANR project Masse de données ALPAGE : ALgorithmique des Plates-formes A Grande Echelle (2006-2009)
Coordinator: Olivier Beaumont (LaBRI)
Other partners: CNRS and INRIA teams : Cepage, Graal, Mescal, Algorille, ASAP, LRI and LIX
Description: Alpage focuses on the design of algorithms on large scale platforms. In particular, the project tackles the following problems: large scale distributed platforms modeling, overlay network design, scheduling for regular parallel applications, scheduling for applications sharing large files.
  • Project HPC PRA 15671RF: Communications in networks and graph colorings under constraints. (2007-2008)
LaBRI Coordinator: André Raspaud
ZJNU Coordinator: Weifan Wang (Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua, China)
Description: Bilateral project focusing on labelling and assignment problems.
  • European COST 293 Action GRAAL : GRAphs ALgorithms in communication networks (2004-2008)
Coordinator: Arie Koster (Warwick University, UK)
LaBRI coordinator: Ralf Klasing
Other partners: This action has more than 25 academic and 4 industrial partners from 18 European countries.
Description: The main objective of this COST action is to elaborate global and solid advances in the design of communication networks by letting experts and researchers with strong mathematical background meet peers specialized in communication networks, and share their mutual experience by forming a multidisciplinary scientific cooperation community.
  • European COST 295 Action DYNAMO : Foundations and Algorithms for Dynamic Networks (2004-2008)
Coordinator: Pierre Fraigniaud (LIAFA)
LaBRI coordinator: Ralf Klasing
Other partners : This action has 40 academic partners from 22 European countries.
Description : The COST 295 Action is motivated by the need to supply a convincing theoretical framework for the analysis and control of all modern large networks induced by the interactions between decentralized and evolving computing entities, characterized by their inherently dynamic nature.
  • EPSRC travel grant : Models and Algorithms for Scale-Free Structures (2006-2008)
Coordinator: Colin Cooper (King's College London), Michele Zito (University of Liverpool)
LaBRI coordinator: Ralf Klasing
Other partners: King's College London, University of Liverpool
Description: Bilateral project.
  • ACI Masse de Données GEOCOMP : Compression de données de nature géométrique (2004-2007)
Coordinator: Gilles Schaeffer (LIX)
LaBRI coordinator: Cyril Gavoille
Other partners: Geometrica (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis), LIX, CEA Saclay
Description: X.
  • European Research Training Network COMBSTRU : Combinatorial Structures of Intractable Problems (2002-2006)
Coordinator: Jaroslav Nesetril (Prague)
LaBRI coordinator: André Raspaud
Other partners: This Research Training Network has 9 academic partners from 8 European countries : Barcelona, Berlin, Bielefeld, Budapest, Oxford, Patras, Pisa, Prague.
Description: The main scientific goal of this network is the analysis of intractable combinatorial problems, focusing on structural properties of the problems and using tools from algebra, logic, probability, geometry, statistical physics and other fields. Training of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers through appointed positions, workshops and summer schools is a main issue in the network.
  • Royal Society grant : Web Graphs and Web Algorithms (2004-2006)
Coordinator: Colin Cooper (King's College London)
LaBRI coordinator: Ralf Klasing
Other partners: King's College London.
Description: Bilateral project.
  • Project PAI STEFANIK: Graphs Colorings (2004-2005)
LaBRI Coordinator: André Raspaud
Comenius University Coordinator: Martin Skoviera (Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovaquia).
Description: Bilateral project.
Coordinator: Laurent Viennot (Gyroweb-GANG)
LaBRI coordinator: Cyril Gavoille
Other partners: LRI, LaBRI, INRIA Rocquencourt, Université Paris 7, CNRS
Description: The goal of this project is the design of P2P protocols.



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