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Vendredi 31 mars 14h - Cyril Gavoille
On the Freeze-Tag Problem
(In French, slides in English) Connexion:
We consider the problem of awaking as fast as possible and by contacts a swarm of asleep robots, starting with only one awake robot. In this talk, we will review the main results for this problem, in particular for the euclidean plane, and also give some recent contributions.

This is a joint work with Nicolas Bonichon, Arnaud Casteigts, and Nicolas Hanusse.

Vendredi 28 avril 14h - Yaping Mao
Steiner Tree Packing Problem
Steiner tree is popularly used in the physical design of VLSI circuits and network science. Steiner tree is also used in computer communication networks and optical wireless communication networks. For a given graph G and a vertex subset S, the problem that asks to find a set of maximum number of edge-disjoint Steiner trees connecting S of G is called the Steiner tree packing problem, which studies local properties of graphs or networks. Generalized (edge-)connectivity is an Steiner tree packing parameter, which focuses on global properties of graphs or networks.

In this talk, we present the computational complexity and some known results of generalized connectivity. We also introduce recent progress of Kriesell Conjecture on Steiner tree packing problem and West-Wu Conjecture on S-connectors.



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