Les GT se tiennent chaque vendredi de 14h à 15h en salle 178. Vous êtes invités à venir 10 minutes avant pour partager thé, café et gâteaux.

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Prochains exposés :

Vendredi 4 mai 2018 - Total List Coloring of Planar Graphs - Théo Pierron (LaBRI).
Total coloring is a variant of edge coloring where both vertices and edges are to be colored. A graph is totally k-choosable if for any list assignment of k colors to each vertex and each edge, we can extract a proper total coloring. In this setting, a graph of maximum degree D needs at least D+1 colors. For a planar graph, Borodin proved in 1989 that D+2 colors suffice when D is at least 9. In this talk, we explain how to improve this lower bound to 8 using the discharging method and the Combinatorial Nullstellensatz.

Vendredi 25 mai 2018 - The price of connectivity for domination - Paul Ouvrard (LaBRI).
The price of connectivity for dominating set in a graph G is the ratio between the minimum sizes of a connected dominating set and a dominating set of G. It is always at most three, and Zverovich characterized the class of graphs such that this ratio equals one. In this talk, we give a proof of a conjecture of Camby and Schaudt by characterizing the class of graphs with price of connectivity at most two.

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