Permanent staff:

    * Olivier Baudon 
Graph partitioning, graph decomposing, graph colorings
    * Marthe Bonamy 
Graph colorings, structural graph theory, graph algorithms
    * Nicolas Bonichon 
Maps, Bijective Combinatorics, geometric graphs
    * Arnaud Casteigts 
Dynamic graphs, temporal graphs
    * Vincent Delecroix 
Surfaces, random graphs
    * Olivier Delmas 
Graph algorithms, graph theory, applications, communications in the interconnection networks
    * François Dross 
Graph partitions, structural graph theory, graph algorithms
    * Philippe Duchon 
Exact and asymptotic enumeration, Random generation
    * Cyril Gavoille 
Distributed computing, graph algorithms (distributed or not), compact routing, distance labeling, distance oracles, spanners, graph minor theory, small-world, quantum information
    * Nicolas Hanusse 
Distributed computing, dynamic networks, compact routing, graph exploration, visualization, data mining
    * Hervé Hocquard 
Edge and vertex colorings of graphs
    * David Ilcinkas 
Distributed computing, Mobile agent computing
    * František Kardoš 
Graph coloring, Chemical graph theory
    * Ralf Klasing 
Distributed algorithms, Approximation algorithms for combinatorially hard problems, Algorithmic methods for telecommunication, Communication algorithms in networks
    * Frédéric Mazoit 
Graph decompositions, graphs on surfaces, graph minor theory
    * Arnaud Pêcher 
Graph theory: graph colorings, polyhedral graph theory, perfect graph theory, algebraic graph theory mathematical programming : mixed integer linear programming, semi-definite programming
    * André Raspaud 
Vertex colorings of graphs. Edge colorings of graphs (strong, star, incidence). Flow. Cycle cover. Coloring of signed graphs. Flows in signed graphs
    * Mike Robson 
Distributed algorithms, randomized algorithms, graph algorithms
    * Éric Sopena 
Graph colorings and homomorphisms (oriented graphs, signed graphs, graph coloring games...) and combinatorial games

Non permanent staff:

    * Edgar Baucher (PhD student) 
Universal graphs
    * Paul Bastide (PhD student) 
Burning and reconstruction
    * Timothée Corsini (PhD student) 
Temporal graphs
    * Florian Galliot (ATER) 
Structural graph theory and game theory
    * Amaury Jacques (PhD student) 
Universal graphs
    * Clément Legrand-Duchesne (PhD student) 
Graph recolouring
    * Clara Marcille (PhD student) 
Edge labeling
    * Émile Naquin (PhD student) 
    * Timothé Picavet (PhD student) 
Minors and algorithms
    * Jonas Senizergues (ATER) 
Graph stability
    * Ivan Yakovlev (PhD student) 
Counting surfaces



GT Graphs and Optimization


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